Junebugs Care in Florence has grown as ministry to help people

November 23, 2018
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Bo Meyers leads Junebugs Care, a nonprofit ministry, as well as works as a Florence County deputy coroner and a pastor for Whosoever Church.

FLORENCE, S.C. – In addition to working as the Florence County deputy coroner, Bo Myers has spent the last nine years leading Junebugs Care, a nonprofit organization that seeks to serve members of the community.

Junebugs Care started when a friend of his wife’s had breast cancer and the donations to help with medical treatments became a tax burden on the family.

Myers said they found out that through becoming a nonprofit, they were able to relieve the tax burden from families receiving donations for medical treatment.

“Through receiving the 501(c)(3) status we were able to grow into a more credible ministry,” Myers said. “That has afforded us the opportunity to have a vast number of volunteers to come around us.”

Since then, Myers and the ministry have been able to help in other capacities across the Pee Dee, such as building ramps for those who need them, but can’t afford them, and feeding homeless members in the community.

Myers said that although he has a full-time job outside Junebugs Care, he wants to be a good steward of what God has given him and serve the community.

“We are volunteers leading volunteers, but our hearts are in it,” Myers said. “We’re committed because it’s our family ministry.”

Most of the volunteers with the ministry also have full-time jobs outside their work with Junebugs Care, Myers said.

“The most exciting thing for me is still when we get volunteers who haven’t done anything like this, or haven’t served in this capacity,” Myers said. “They bring their families, and they bring their kids. You can just see the excitement. They are just immediately drawn into servant hood and want to know when we are doing something else.”

Over the past nine years, the ministry has grown, allowing it to serve more meals to the community.

Myers said the ministry serves four or five free meals a year, feeding 200 to 300 people in the community. The ministry also serves Thanksgiving and Christmas meals. At this year’s Thanksgiving event, about 2,500 meals were served, Meyers said.

“When we started it was to focus on one family or ministry that we were helping,” Myers said. “It’s just grown to where we want to be embedded in the community. So, with those volunteers we’ve had, they rally around us to make this happen. They just give back to the community that needs help.”

In addition to leading Junebugs Care, Myers serves as a pastor of Whosoever Church in Florence. Myers gets to see the same individuals he serves with Junebugs Care on a regular basis while serving at Whosoever.

“It’s been amazing to just be connected. I think God has given me a platform to actually see the people we’ve been able to help on a more personal level,” Myers said. “Through Junebugs Care ministry, we may go in and help somebody and share the word, we may not see them for a while.”

Myers began volunteering with Whosoever, leading Bible studies and serving meals to residents, and after receiving his seminary degree 3½ years ago, he began preaching.

“That has been another blessing that God has sent to us,” Myers said. “I just love being over here and preaching God’s word.”

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