HAMBURG, West Germany (AP) _ Mathias Rust, the young West German who landed his single-engine plane in Moscow's Red Square, has been accused of stabbing a nurse who resisted when he tried to kiss her, authorities said.

Rust, who spent more than a year imprisoned in the Soviet Union after he flew his plane past Soviet air defenses, turned himself in Thursday two hours after fleeing a Hamburg-area hospital, police said.

The 21-year-old was working there as an orderly under the federal Civilian Service, a pacifist alternative to compulsory military service in West Germany, police said.

According to police, Rust pulled an 18-year-old student nurse into a hospital changing room, locked the door, and tried to kiss her. When she resisted, she was stabbed twice in the stomach, police said.

Rust fled the hospital after the incident shortly after 2 p.m., but called police at 4:30 p.m. and was then taken into custody. He was not immediately charged.

Newspapers reported today that the teen-ager underwent surgery and described her condition as serious.

Authorities declined to provide other details.

Rust captured international headlines after his dramatic feat on May 28, 1987, when he piloted a borrowed Cessna across more than 500 miles of heavily defended Soviet territory.

His stunt triggered a shakeup in the Soviet Defense Ministry. He was sentenced in September 1987 to serve four years in prison after a conviction for violating international air safety regulations, illegal entry into the Soviet Union and malicious hooliganism.

However, Soviet authorities pardoned him in August 1988 and expelled him to his home in West Germany.

He said in an interview this year that he chose the Civilian Service because he was opposed to violence.