SRS liquid waste contract, security draft RFP could be issued in October

October 3, 2018

Two consequential Savannah River Site and U.S. Department of Energy procurement steps could be fulfilled this month.

Both the new SRS liquid waste contract and the draft request for proposals for the SRS paramilitary security contract could be issued by the end of October, according to the DOE Office of Environmental Management’s major procurement spreadsheet.

The spreadsheet, available on Environmental Management’s website, was last updated Oct. 1.

The form lists the liquid waste evaluation and award window as August to October. The form similarly lists the security draft RFP window as August to October.

Future of liquid waste

The upcoming liquid waste award is about a year in the making.

In October 2017, the DOE gave Savannah River EcoManagement – a BWXT, Bechtel National and Honeywell International consortium – the nod for the liquid waste mission, which involves processing millions of gallons of nuclear waste and operating a behemoth waste glassification plant.

That award was quickly protested by SREM’s competition, Savannah River Technology & Remediation and Fluor Westinghouse Liquid Waste Services. The SRTR protest was upheld by the U.S. Government Accountability Office, which forced the DOE to reconsider the liquid waste bids.

At the end of September, SRS associate deputy manager Thomas Johnson Jr. told a nuclear advisory board that the DOE was “pretty close” to making the award but was also working to ensure the award would “survive” another bid protest.

“We’d like to get that contract awarded probably more so than each of you in this room,” Johnson told the board.

SRS is an active remediation site overseen by Environmental Management.

Savannah River Remediation – an AECOM-helmed team with partners CH2M, Bechtel National and BWXT – is the current liquid waste contractor.

Prior to the October update, the Environmental Management spreadsheet listed the liquid waste award as “June-August 2018.”

Site security process

At the end of August, during a breakfast forum in Aiken, SRS manager Michael Budney said the DOE is already preparing for the future of site security.

“Site security, contract expires next fall, so we’ve started the solicitation process, started … the draft RFP to get ready for that,” Budney said.

Draft RFPs allow interested companies to provide input and feedback, which is eventually used to fine tune the actual, final RFP.

Centerra-SRS, an offshoot of Centerra Group, is the site’s current protective force.

The security contractor is charged with handling emergencies and protecting the site, its personnel and its national security interests.

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