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Youngest Artificial Heart Patient Remains in Critical Condition

April 11, 1987

MINNEAPOLIS (AP) _ Christopher Larson, the youngest artificial heart recipient, remained in critical but stable condition Friday as family members continued their vigil at the hospital, a spokesman said.

Dr. Fredarick Gobel, a heart specialist and spokesman for Abbott Northwestern Hospital, said in a statement that the artificial pump and its related equipment were ″functioning well.″

Larson, 15, the son of James and Sally Larson of Esdaile, Wis., received a smaller version of the Jarvik-7 pump at Abbott Northwestern on Wednesday. The boy’s parents and other family members were at the hospital and at times with Chris in the cardiac intensive care unit, Gobel said Friday.

Doctors have said the boy is partially paralyzed, apparently as the result of brain damage from blood clots formed when his own heart began to fail just before the surgery. Chris suffered from cardiomyapathy, which destroys heart muscle.

Doctors have said the mechanical heart will be replaced with a human organ with Larson is well enough to undergo a transplant.

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