State Police Honor Fallen Troopers

May 2, 2019

Lt. Michael Carroll, acting commander of state police at Wyoming, looked out at the state police officers under his command Wednesday and reminded them of the oath they took. Any day on the job, that oath could land them on the state police memorial wall of troopers killed in the line of duty, he noted. Members of state police at Wyoming gathered Wednesday morning for their annual Pennsylvania State Police Memorial Service to honor the 98 members of the state police killed on the job in the department’s history. “The troopers who stand here today swore an oath or, as we call it, the Call of Honor. Part of the Call of Honor states ‘I must serve honestly, faithfully, and, if need be, lay down my life as others have done before rather than swerve from the path of duty,’” Carroll said. “This is a powerful statement and a testament to the mission of our department, but more importantly it’s a testament to the courage of our members. The mission is never ending.” — BOB KALINOWSKI