Readers sound off on Kavanaugh hearing

October 3, 2018

I in no way condone sexual acts with any individual of age to consent to sexual activity, against his or her will. Still, I recognize that judgment in adolescent decision-making is notoriously flawed. Evidence shows that psychosocial factors presumed to influence decisions -- that is, temporal perspective, peer influence and risk perception -- lag behind cognitive capacity. This means many adolescents have engaged in behavior that they later regret and admit was wrong.

I think Judge Brett Kavanaugh is no exception. What bothers me most about his reaction to Christine Blasey Ford’s accusations is his “vigorous defense” of himself, one which began on what the Associated Press described as a “note of barely contained fury,” highlighting his “decades of hard work and public service at the highest levels of the American government.”

Personally, I want a Supreme Court justice nominee who is more sensitive to an alleged victim, who, instead of narcissistically emphasizing his accomplishments and accolades, is able to empathize with a woman who risked a lot to come before the nation and disclose her perspectives on a traumatic event from her past -- whether or not her allegations, in the end, are substantiated.

Personally, I think our nation’s people and their Supreme Court can do better than the Honorable Brett Kavanaugh.

Susan Wilson


I am angry about how Christine Blasey Ford, Judge Brett Kavanaugh and their families have been treated by Sen. Dianne Feinstein for what I believe is political gain. This could have been investigated by the FBI six weeks ago when the allegations were made known to Feinstein privately.

If there was any evidence that the judge was guilty he would have been removed from consideration by the president and the Senate Judiciary Committee. His name would be tainted (rightly so) but not the doctor’s. However, since the allegations were kept secret and not investigated, both Ford and Kavanaugh -- and their families -- will be tainted for the rest of their lives.

To what purpose? Feinstein is in a tough re-election campaign. Did she and her team decide to sacrifice the future of two families to further her political ambitions? At 85, why is she concerned about running again? Has she not developed any compassion or thought about others? Is her lust for power her only goal for the rest of her few remaining years?

My biggest concern is what precedent this circus establishes for our future. Now can anyone be accused of a crime even if the accuser has no credible proof or hard evidence, and be assumed to be guilty? Is the presumption of guilt, not presumption of innocence, now our country’s standard?

Russell DeJulio

Mt. Lebanon

Christine Blasey Ford should be awarded a special Oscarfor her convincing portrayal of a victim of abuse by Judge Brett Kavanaugh.

The accusation against Kavanaugh is reminiscent of the type of allegations made a century ago in the deep South, when black men were lynched by Ku Klux Klan mobs after false allegations of rape. Ironically, the political lynching of Kavanaugh was done by another militant wing of the Democrat Party.

When Juanita Broaddrick came forward in 1999 and said Bill Clinton had raped her two decades earlier, her corroborating evidence and witnesses were not given credibility. Ford, on the other hand, is given credibility after coming forward 30 years later -- after Kavanaugh is being considered for the Supreme Court. She has no corroborating evidence.

Do I have any proof of Ford’s lying under oath in front of Congress? No, it’s merely an allegation -- the same as her allegations against Kavanaugh.

Joel Last


I have been a registered Democrat my entire life, and, watching their antics regarding Judge Brett Kavanaugh’s Supreme Court nomination, I’ve never been so ashamed.

The Democrats on the Senate Judiciary Committee indicated their objective was to delay, and they would vote against Kavanaugh. This was before the hearing started, and regardless of the results. What came out in the Ford/Kavanaugh hearing was the Democrats knew of the accusation, and did not have it investigated. They did not tell Ford to report it to the FBI. They did not report it to the FBI, where it could have been anonymously investigated, thus protecting Ford’s identity. They did not bring it up during meetings with Kavanaugh or the earlier hearings.

Instead, they released the accusation afterward, saying they wanted to protect Ford’s desire for confidentiality. Then her name was “leaked.” If it wasn’t the Democrats who leaked it, it had to be someone on the left wanting to not have Kavanaugh appointed.

Ford stated she didn’t know how to notify investigators about her accusation. She told her Democratic congressperson, who didn’t tell her. Instead, the congressperson made Sen. Dianne Feinstein aware of it; Feinstein also didn’t advise Ford how to report it. Ford told her “friends on the beach.” Lawyers and media were told. I find it hard to believe no one reported it to the FBI.

Kavanaugh summed it up best when he said he believes something happened to Ford, at some time and some place, but he wasn’t involved. If Ford did not get the investigation she deserved, blame lies with the Democrats.

Tom Cerra


Last week I witnessed a horrible spectacle: the Supreme Court confirmation hearing. It was in real time and displayed our dysfunctional and partisan Senate to the entire world. There was no need to use an anguished woman as a foil to destroy the reputation of a man who has long strived to be an honorable citizen.

The partisan display was disgusting. All it proved was that our partisan lawmakers have no self-formed opinions and do everything in lockstep. Two lives were destroyed in the process, and neither of them will ever be the same; nor will our country.

Dorothea Cremonese


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