Uptick Newswire Hosts Tim Hassett, Co-Founder and CEO of Cool Technologies Inc. on “Stock Day” Podcast

May 17, 2018

PHOENIX, May 17, 2018 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Tim Hassett, CEO of Cool Technologies, Inc. (OTCQB:WARM) (the “Company”) was recently interviewed by Everett Jolly on the “Stock Day” podcast.

Cool Technologies Inc. was started by a group of engineers with specialties ranging from manufacturing to design that have worked with some of the most prominent companies in the world. The company has created a thermal technology that facilitates cooling and heating “quicker, better, faster than most,” as well as another in-chassis, vehicle technology (targeting class 3 to class 8) that brings mobile power without requiring a tow-behind generator or skid-mounted generator. The benefits of this technology are the lighter weight and lower cost when compared to traditional mobile power methods, as well as an alternative source of energy for those who rely on expensive methods like diesel fuel.

When asked about a recent demonstration of their technology to various industry representatives in Mexico, Hassett described the feedback as overwhelmingly positive. “We knocked it out of the park out there in Fort Collins.” The company has received contract offers from the representatives present at the meeting, and there are multiple meetings happening throughout this week with 25 representatives in Chihuahua, Mexico to finalize a deal. A Mennonite community that tested out this technology has already expressed interest in purchasing 1,000 units to start.

The unit costs vary, fluctuating anywhere between $40,000 and $115,000 based on desired power level and other options. The technology is particularly applicable to situations like disasters that cause the power grid to fail. “That truck, wherever you can drive it, now you can bring power to that community while you’re doing your maintenance.”

The company is still in a pre-revenue stage, but is expecting to see revenue beginning to hit the balance sheet in the 3rd or 4th quarter this year. Everett believes that the stock is grossly undervalued at its current price 6.5 cents per share. The company has some non-diluted funding coming to fruition within the next couple months; this capital will allow them to get everything in place for their short term and long term goals as a company.

“We’ve come a long way. It’s taken a lot of time, but we’ve got the product ready to go. It’s been third party tested and validated. Our job now is to put our heads down, execute, start building and shipping products, and drive positive earnings for this company.”

To hear more about practical applications of the products, feedback from potential consumers, and plans for international expansion, listen to the full interview at the link below.


About Cool Technologies, Inc. Cool Technologies is an intellectual property and product development company commercializing a mobile power generation system and patented thermal dispersion technologies across multiple platforms. The mobile power generation system retrofits onto new or existing Class 3 to 8 work trucks and enables them to output up to 200 kVA of electric power. The Company’s thermal dispersion technologies make products such as motors and generators, pumps and compressors, and various other machines that require cooling, more efficient and increase their capability to output more power. Tested and validated by two third parties, the Company’s cooling system eliminates the need for costly modifications and improves power density by as much as 40% -- meaning more power output at a lower cost. The Company has additional patents for various OEM applications of its proprietary heat removal technologies for fans, bearings, brakes and clutches as well as patents-pending for a variety of other OEM applications and industries. http://cooltechnologiesinc.com/

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Contact:Cool Technologies, Inc. (OTCQB:WARM) Tim Hassett, CEO 707-479-6114 timhassett@sbcglobal.net

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