Dave Peyton: Jack doesn’t have much hope for this progressive

December 16, 2018

I have become increasingly interested in right wing Christians who have a firm belief in Donnie Trump and use their religion as a battering ram against progressives (that’s me).

Jack (not his real name) is a right wing Christian for sure. He is a former friend. I lost contact with the West Virginia native, but found his email address and wrote to say hello.

He wrote back to tell me (a) he is a solid Trump supporter and (b) he had found Jesus. He lives in California and, I surmised, he belonged to a church that obviously corroborated his political beliefs.

I knew I should not get in one of those famous matches one should avoid with a skunk, but I did anyway. I told him I was a progressive columnist for The Herald-Dispatch, was active on Facebook, had about 1,300 friends on there and my postings have had about 60,000 “likes.”

He looked down his nose at Facebook by saying he had had enough of such internet stuff, although it’s clear from his emails he lives to preach to his friends via emails who are true believers as well.

He was not impressed with what I was doing. And when I told him I won a “best state columnist” last year, he replied:

“Congrats on your award. You probably earned it about as much as Obama earned his ‘Peace Prize,’ which he got before he did anything other than win an election. That’s who you want to judge what you’re doing? Good luck with that when you meet your maker!”

Say what? Oh. For a moment I forgot that these far-right Christians try to bring their enemies (make that read progressives) down by interjecting God Almighty into the fray. Later, he decided to belittle the press as does his hero, President Trump:

“Too many people in the media are taken seriously, even when they prove time and time again they haven’t the expertise, much less the integrity, to report on the news in a way that moves us forward. Progressive? Give me a break!”

Since he doesn’t read the Huntington newspaper or is too snooty to sign on to Facebook, he asked what I thought of climate change. I told him if he read the Huntington newspaper, he would know what I think. I then sent him a column that included the following sentence:

“He (Trump) and his followers (bless their hearts) want to believe that the elimination of all federal rules involving safety or anything else is good for America.”

He responded by sending me an email he sent to his fellow right wing Christians with a blind carbon copy to me:

“Well, bless-his-heart, he got that wrong. Neither Donald Trump nor his many supporters want to rid our lives of all federal rules. What we want is for the people we elect to make those rules, not the bureaucratic ‘kings’ of the deep state who are accountable to no one.”

Being the bad boy that I am, I sent him a news story I found online about a retired priest who has concluded that hell is a complete fabrication of mankind.

“You’re reading as if I’m saying, you are going to hell,” he said. “On the contrary, I’m saying, ‘Come to Christ!’”

I read that as “Come to Christ and come to Trump.”

Jack seems to have violated Jesus’ “Judge not ” command. He has no idea about my connection to Jesus. All he knows is I should join a church like his, “get saved” and tithe, tithe, tithe.

Come to my Jesus, Jack. The air here is sweeter and clearer.

Dave Peyton is on Facebook. His email address is davepeyton@comcast.net.

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