Someone’s in the dog house after lost wedding ring found in Brookfield Petco

March 18, 2019

BROOKFIELD - Police are trying to locate the owner of a wedding ring that was found recently at Brookfield Petco on Federal Road.

“Thanks to an honest citizen, a wedding ring has been turned over to the Brookfield Police Department,” police posted on their Facebook page.

“The ring was found at the Brookfield Petco. If you or your friend has recently lost a wedding ring and you want to try and avoid that conversation that will leave you in the dog house, call us first. Perhaps this ring is yours!

“A photo of the ring is not being provided as you will need to provide us with a physical description and details to claim ownership.”

The contact is Officer Joseph Kyek at (203)740-4140, Jkyek@brookfieldct.gov

Police may have a lead in the case,

One person commented on the department’s Facebook page, “Male gold band around size 11. Very old and probably out of round.. slightly. My husband is 87 years old and originally it was his grandfathers ring. Is this possible?”

Police asked the person to send an email to Kyek, which they did.

Police said they would provide an update if the ring’s owner is found.