Luxury high-rises offer all the benefits of urban living

March 24, 2019

The desire to live in a bustling city such as Houston that’s full of incredible food and entertainment offerings is evident in the latest statistics, but what is it about an urban setting that’s great?

Luxury condos throughout the city provide a front row seat to the best and brightest Houston provides for its residents.

According to Trumarkco.com’s article, City Light, Demand for Luxurious High-Rise Living Increases, Houston is ranked as one of the Top 45 Cities for Luxury among international and national cities.

The reason behind Houston’s ranking is for retail, office and hotel development in the center city bringing new multi-family opportunities it stated. The high-rise demand is attributed to developers that are delivering lavish amenities, generous floor plans, inspiring architecture, and access to nature it was reported.

The hub of Houston’s excitement and activities can mostly be found in the downtown and midtown area. It also provides close proximity to some of the area’s liveliest venues and well-known restaurants.

Meredith Wade, Property Manager at One Park Place located across from downtown’s Discovery Green, said their residents are attracted to the Big City lifestyle that comes with living in walking distance to some of the best restaurants and recreation in Houston. It’s also a stone’s throw from the city’s most popular performing arts, entertainment & sports venues Wade added.

“The long-awaited movement to beautify downtown Houston has arrived,” Wade said. “Our Central Business District has finally been transformed into a Business-Residence-Fun District. One Park Place residents have the greatest front lawn ever with Discovery Green. They love being in the middle of it all.”

Cities have been working to appeal to the most educated persons in this most educated generation according to Forbes.com’s article, Where Educated Millennials are Moving. They state it’s that it’s “their entrepreneurial spirit and technological savvy” that could result in innovation and urban revitalization.

One of the largest draws for urban living is lessening the time spent in a car with the commute and traffic while also being able to enjoy the Houston oasis Wade said.

“There’s a reason Houston’s downtown residential population has more than doubled in the last five years,” said Wade. “It begins with the amenity-rich, luxury apartments, the ultimate symbol of downtown Houston high-rise living. From young professionals and empty nesters to reverse commuters and even young families, urban adventurers of all ages love living in the middle of it all.”

Amenities are in high demand for urban living. A particular perk for One Park Place is that it has Phoenicia Specialty Foods below its building allowing residents back door access to 28,000-square-feet of imported foods. Access to restaurants also are a plus with places such as Brasserie du Parc and The Grove right at their fingertips.

“Our most over-the-top amenity is our multi-level, one-acre outdoor deck, which is home to the largest pool and lushest landscape in downtown Houston. It comes with 35,000 square feet of private outdoor grilling areas, secluded cabanas, fire pit, quarter mile track, free outdoor Wi-Fi access and a two-tiered swimming pool,” Wade said.