YORK, Pa. (AP) _ A slender burglar tried to slide into a restaurant through its rooftop ventilation system and got so hung up on protruding screws that he had to scream for help, police said.

''He was scuffling up there trying to get out, cussing and carrying on,'' said David Potter, manager of the Horn & Horn Smorgasboard.

When the intruder began to yell, Gail Shank of the restaurant's cleaning crew called the authorities. Officers and firefighters could hear the screams as they arrived early Wednesday, Fire Chief Paul L. Schaefer said.

Police said Michael Charles Miller, 23, of York was extracted from the foot-wide ventilation system and charged with burglary and criminal trespassing.

Between the burglar's cutting and lifting the exhaust system to gain entry, and firefighters' dismantling of ductwork to free him, about $500 to $600 in damage was done, Potter said.

As for the burglar, Potter said, ''he needed a bath and new clothes.''