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Landing Gear Collapses After 2 Tires Blow As Jet Taxis

May 29, 1989

DENVER (AP) _ Part of the landing gear on a Continental jet collapsed and the right wing hit the ground as the plane approached the gate at Stapleton International Airport, officials said.

Continental Flight 73, carrying 44 passengers and six crew from Newark, N.J., landed at 8:08 p.m. Sunday evening and had turned onto a taxiway when two tires blew and the right main landing gear collapsed, said Stapleton spokesman Norm Avery.

The right wing of the aircraft hit the pavement, Avery said.

″It felt like a car with a flat tire - you know, blump, blump, blump,″ said Vincent Calarco of Priceton, N.J., who was traveling with his wife, Penza, and their three children.

One woman was taken from the plane and briefly treated for hyperventilation at the University of Colorado Health Sciences Center, said spokeswoman Barbara Thrower.

The cause of the accident was not known, said Ned Walker, a spokesman for Continental at the carrier’s Houston headquarters.

Walker said the aircraft underwent a thorough check earlier this month, ″and there were no indications whatsoever of any problems.″

The plane, an MD-80 made by McDonnell Douglas Corp., can seat about 145 people, Walker said.

The left main landing gear collapsed on a Delta Air Lines 727 last week as it was being towed away from a gate at Stapleton. Corrosion was blamed for the landing gear failure.

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