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Boys Digging Tunnel for Fort Find Vintage, Live Grenade

January 18, 1992

WILMINGTON, N.C. (AP) _ Two boys digging a tunnel for an underground fort in one of their backyards unearthed a live grenade.

″We thought it was a rock,″ 9-year-old Andrew Remington said Friday as police cleared his family’s home and took the grenade away to detonate it.

After finding the grenade, Andrew passed it on to his 11-year-old sister, Emily. She took it into their home, washed it off and gave the small, wet grenade to her mother.

″I just about croaked,″ Jan Remington said.

She said the grenade looked like a toy but was very heavy. Detective L.G. Goodrum said it could have been activated by a bump.

Robert Hutchins, 7, said he and Andrew had been digging behind the Remingtons’ home for about three days. The boys dug a hole about 3 feet deep before Robert hit the grenade with his shovel.

The weapon was a fragmentation grenade, said Sgt. R.T. Gandy, one of the officers who destroyed it.

″It looked like vintage American, World War II,″ he said.

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