Lieutenant governor praises Sonoco as it marks 120 years

May 23, 2019

FLORENCE, S.C. – Sonoco Products Company held its 2019 Supplier Conference and Trade Show on Tuesday and Wednesday at SiMT in Florence. The company is celebrating its 120th anniversary. About 400 people attended the two-day conference event.

On Wednesday, S.C. Lt. Gov. Pamela Evette presented Sonoco with a commemorative plate acknowledging its 120 years as a South Carolina industry. The gift was presented to Rob Tiede, president and CEO of Sonoco, and Debra White, director, global category management.

Evette praised Sonoco for its leadership role in all things the things it does. She said running a business for 120 years is “monumental.”

She thanked Sonoco for its part in making South Carolina great and for its long history and commitment to the state.

She said Sonoco is just one of the reasons South Carolina is one of the leading manufacturing states in the United States. She said South Carolina is a leader because its people are resilient.

“We move, we change,” she said.

South Carolinians have a sense of pride, she added.

After the presentation, Evette said the role of lieutenant governor has changed. She said it now means getting out and meeting with businesses and industry to ensure they are the best that they can be and that the state is doing all it can to bring and keep them here.

She said the state is doing creative things to create a workforce. She said people who might not have historically been part of the workforce are being reached out to become a part of the workforce.

She said it is important for local and state offices to work as “one team, team South Carolina.”

It is important to not be just a business-welcoming state but to be a business-friendly state.

A reception was held Tuesday night and golf awards, diversity and sustainability awards and supplier performance awards were presented. The keynote speaker for the evening was Rodger Fuller, senior vice president, global consumer packaging, display and packaging and protective solutions with Sonoco.

On Wednesday workshops were presented on Cyber Security for the Next 120 Years, Packaging Sustainability and Supplier Diversity for the Next 120 Years.

The keynote speaker on Wednesday was CEO Rob Tiede.

The conferenced concluded with a trade show in the SiMT lobby Wednesday afternoon.

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