Your Turn: Oct. 6

October 6, 2018

True self emergesSo for days our great leader spoke of Christine Blasey Ford in fairly mild tones. But it was only a matter of time before the real Donald Trump came out in — not too surprisingly — Mississippi. It remains to be seen if he shot himself in the foot by his truly insensitive and crass remarks.Those remarks may have cost his Supreme Court nominee crucial votes. But what the heck! He got some laughs at the expense of an alleged victim of sexual violence. Apparently that’s more important these days in Republican circles.John Carhart, SeguinDouble standardDr. Christine Blasey Ford claimed that she had a fear of flying, so she did not want to come to Washington for the hearing. Yet we find, by her own words, that she is actually a frequent flyer, sometimes in her professional capacity and very often for pleasure. It appears that she has a pattern of lying.As for her statement that she had an unwanted sexual encounter — maybe so, and maybe no, but when she insisted that it was Brett Kavanaugh, one wonders if this is another lie, or perhaps a mistake due to her boozed, befuddled brain.However, all we need do is check the testimony of the others allegedly present at the party. All four, including Ford’s longtime friend Leland Keyser, have said that they recall no such event.Typically, the Democrats take Ford’s statement as gospel, and they loudly insist that we “must believe” her. Why did they not insist that we believe the many women who named Bill Clinton as a sexual predator? Oh, that’s right — the perp is a Democrat.Jerry L. WilliamsSwimming in swampTo my surprise, many Americans seem to enjoy swimming in the sewer along with Donald Trump. When he is onstage showing off in his most disgusting manner, men, women and, unfortunately, some children cheer him.I’m reminded of the 1960s when angry mobs of whites jeered black children on their way to school. Those pictures still exist, and over time many of those white people became regretful and ashamed. I expect that will be the case here as well.Theresa S. DoyleThink about womenIf President Donald Trump thinks it’s a scary time for young men, he should imagine what it’s been for women the past 5,000 years.Mary Alice Altorfer, New BraunfelsJust not rightWould someone please explain to me how taking immigrant children, already separated from parents, against their will in the dead of night to a tent camp in the desert is permissible?And are you proud of your country for doing this?Susan Reed SmithNo grovelingRe: “City smart to pass on Amazon’s HQ2 game,” Sept. 23:Thank you, Michael Taylor, for your Smart Money S.A. column in which you explained exactly why San Antonio’s leaders made the right call to back out of the second Amazon headquarters debacle.It always seemed to me as if Jeff Bezos’ game was demeaning — having cities all over the country doing his company’s work for him, then begging Amazon to pay attention to them.San Antonio will get business and industry to come to our city without having to grovel. We’re doing just fine.Patricia A. IrelandDelay having kidsRe: “Youths with children face tough times,” Editorial, Wednesday:You name all the hardships of having children while still young and in school, and during early adulthood. You mention the remedies of creating better access to affordable housing, higher education and child care (spelled welfare and other free aid). But the answer is, don’t have children in your teens who will have no daddy.The truth is, birth control works! Try it! Set your goals to finish school, go to college, trade or tech school, get a job, get married … then plan your children.In today’s world, the boys who impregnate girls are not held responsible for supporting the children. They wind up in and out of their kids’ lives. It’s a travesty. These facts should have been in your whining editorial.Donna HowingtonAP worksRe: “Students in Texas fall short on college readiness,” front page, Sunday:As an Advanced Placement teacher, I would like to respond to this article. Unlike dual enrollment or the STAAR test, AP has a proven record of preparing Texas students for college readiness, developing skills needed to succeed in college classrooms. Research shows students who succeed in AP are more likely to score higher on entrance exams, enroll in a four-year college and earn higher GPAs. Students can save money and time earning college credit and place out of introductory courses with an AP exam score of 3 or higher.An independent researcher from the American Enterprise Institute stated, “AP might be the single happiest education story of the century. AP’s dramatic growth has made it an indispensable part of public education, but the real feat has been maintaining quality at scale. AP programs have substantially increased access to advanced coursework for all public school students, and the College Board has made that access possible by taking concrete steps to maintain program quality and increase access to underserved students.”AP Program Results released in February show that over the past 10 years, the number of U.S. public high school graduates earning a 3 or higher on at least one AP exam has increased by about 70 percent. Participation and performance rates of underrepresented students also significantly increased.Besides helping students earn college credit, AP has proven to make high school the place to gain college readiness and be prepared for any entrance exam.Janet Q. Miller, state AP advocate lead for Texas, LaredoGrocery what-ifOur H-E-B and Walmart stores will now delivery our computer-generated grocery order right to our door. It is a great service and one that is appreciated by us super senior citizens. But what about those who are also senior citizens or disabled, living in a complex with no computer access and possibly no credit card.It would be a fantastic civic service if volunteers could visit these complexes, take orders, acknowledge payment and within 24 hours, the seniors receive their orders. How sweet that would be.Bob Broff

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