We Americans are all in this together -- Jennifer Limbach

July 8, 2018

Independence Day was a great opportunity to take a break from the animosity and the divisiveness and remember:

Our country is more than any few political or cultural figures. Our country is a diverse collection of people. Our countrymen include our family, friends, colleagues and neighbors. Our country includes hardworking and decent people in all reaches of our shared borders. Our country includes people who have love for the land where they live, even if that land has spiders that are way too large for my tolerance.

For all our political, cultural, racial, socioeconomic, religious and myriad other differences that distance us, the bottom line is we share a national history. We share heroic, dedicated men and women willing to fight for our freedom overseas and protect our safety at home. We share an assemblage of elected officials, as well as the consequences of their decisions. We share many problems that threaten our health, safety and happiness, but we also share the hope that we the people have the power to work for a better country for each other.

Like it or not, we are bound by many ties. And we are in this together.

Jennifer Limbach, Madison

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