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BC-MN--Minnesota Weekend Exchange Digest, MN

January 24, 2019

Here are the Minnesota AP Member Exchange Features for Jan. 26-28:



ST PAUL, Minn. _ Every Saturday, Houle’s Feed Store employee A.J. Fetterly removes the giant white board behind the counter and updates the prices of the 46 listed items. Dog food, deer pellets, horse feed, chicken feed and wild bird seed are on the board at the Forest Lake store, along with hog starter and finisher, goat feed, whole oats, alfalfa pellets, dry molasses, equine senior, and turkey starter and grower. Another 100 items are listed on sheets of paper displayed under the glass counter, and Fetterly updates those as well. By Mary Divine, St. Paul Pioneer Press. SENT IN ADVANCE: 1540 words, photos.


LITTLE FALLS, Minn. _ Grace Duxbury keeps an art collection on her at all times. It’s a series of tattoos that chronicle her interests, including a portrait of her favorite poet Oscar Wilde and a historic stamp of St. George slaying a dragon. Now Duxbury, a museum assistant, is tasked with collecting other people’s tattoos for the Morrison County Historical Society. By Nora G. Hertel, St. Cloud Times. SENT IN ADVANCE: 672 words, photos.



NORTH MANKATO, Minn. _ Mikeal Tordsen doesn’t like to stand idle. Like other North Mankato police officers, Tordsen responded to emergency medical calls and provided some basic care. Also a paramedic, Tordsen often knew what additional treatment was needed. But he did not have the equipment or the authority to provide advanced help. He often found himself at an impasse until a Gold Cross ambulance crew arrived. By Kristine Goodrich, The Free Press. SENT IN ADVANCE: 606 words.


ROCHESTER, Minn. _ Jeb and Jessica Taylor have a lot of energy. The Rochester couple has jobs (she as a hotel sales manager, he as a machinist), they go to school and take care of their two kids. Plus they each have used their hands to build their own sideline creative businesses that they hope to eventually turn into full-time gigs. By Jeff Kiger, Post Bulletin. SENT IN ADVANCE: 535 words, photos.

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