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Filipino Ambassadors Declare Support For Aquino

February 25, 1986

MANILA, Philippines (AP) _ Fifteen Philippine Foreign Ministry officers, including nine ambassadors, abandoned President Ferdinand E. Marcos’ government Tuesday and declared support for Corazon Aquino, an hour before Mrs. Aquino was inaugurated as the president of a provisional government supported by military rebels.

″We stand ready to follow the leadership of President Corazon C. Aquino and Vice President Salvador P. Laurel,″ said a statement issued by the group which said they represent the Philippine foreign service.

The declaration was read over the telephone to The Associated Press by a spokesman for the group.

In addition to the ambassadors, the declaration was signed by four counselors, a consul general, and a ministry legal officer.

Among the ambassadors who signed the declaration was Ernesto Pineda, the consul general in New York, the spokesman said. The others were: Vicente Reyes, Josue Villa, Juan Ona, Samuel Ramell, Ernesto Querubim, Emmanuel Fernandez, Lolita Haney, and Honoro Cagampan.

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