Trump voters should try to understand others -- Mark K. Allen

August 19, 2018

We are often accused of not understanding the people who voted for Donald Trump, but does the Trump voter ever try to understand the rest of us.

We value science for helping us understand the environment and the effects of climate change. We see diversity as an asset to our community. We want real legislation and a just solution to immigration problems. We object to borrowing money from our children to fund tax cuts for the wealthiest and providing subsidies for huge corporations.

We do understand that globalization has hurt some people, but it has also raised the standard of living for people around the world. And our children are not spoiled socialist because they want everyone to have a living wage, a good education and access to health care.

Many in the media, such as John Kass, see their path to success by dividing Americans. They insist their ideas must win and all others must lose. But understanding is a bridge where people meet in the middle to find common solutions.

Mark K. Allen, Madison

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