Democratic-majority legislature still divided on key issues

December 3, 2018

PROVIDENCE, R.I. (AP) — As Rhode Island lawmakers are set to return to the Democratic-majority General Assembly next year, they still face divisions within the party over key issues like abortion and gun control.

In the 75-member House, 26 incumbents and representatives-elect, including Speaker Nicholas Mattiello, won endorsements from an anti-abortion group — while 31 incumbents and new-elects were endorsed by a political arm of Planned Parenthood.

The Providence Journal reports that 19 out of these 31 lawmakers are aligned with the new Reform Caucus, which seeks to strip power from Mattiello as speaker of the House.

The 38-member state Senate faces similar divisions, with 19 senators rated favorably by the National Rifle Association and 17 senators rated poorly.

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