Court Notes 9/21/18

September 21, 2018

PROPERTY TRANSACTIONS • Stephen A. Yaskewich et al. to James Anthony Yacowatz, $142,000; Foster Twp. • Michelle Spayde et al. to John F. Zola, $115,000; Sugarloaf Twp. • Vanderbilt Mortgage and Finance Inc. to Dawn M. O’Donnell et al., $89,750; Pond Hill Foundation Mountain Road, Conyngham Twp. • Catherine Williams to Ricky J. Saunders et al., $70,000; Exeter Twp. • Alan M. Pugh to Jenna Woychick, $120,500; Kingston Twp. • Grace H. Kleintob to David Brian Wildner et al., $89,000; Huntington Twp. • Kathi S. Flack Revocable Trust et al. to Philip Gager et al., $175,000; Orchard West, Dallas. • Michael J. Kloton to Michael Raymond et al., $72,000; Lake Drive, Foster Twp. • Richard B. Kowalski et al. to Charles Balogh et al., $210,000; Ross Twp. • Stephen A. Ballo Jr. to Anthony Lovecchio et al., $95,700; Plymouth. • Henrietta C. Whipple et al. to James A. Musto, $185,000; Lincoln Avenue, West Wyoming. • Sand Springs Development Corporation to Obea Shrestha et al., $351,975; Butler Twp. • Secretary of Housing and Urban Development et al. to Jenry D. Batista, $120,000; Snow Valley Drive, Butler Twp. • Robert R. Shafer et al. to Joel Dorman et al., $158,000; Swoyersville.

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