Orchids and Onions: Monday, March 4, 2019

March 5, 2019

Another beautiful day in Havasu...

Orchids and more orchids to Dr. Ash and his staff for my beautiful new teeth. It is truly amazing what you were able to do. I am so happy, thanks Julie T.

Onions to claims of billion dollar economic impacts. Oh really! And where will you get the water for the six hundred new water using residential units you’re planning and building all over town?

Orchids to HRMC ER Dr. Brian Scott, (all providers) and ER staff. RNS`s Donna, Stephanie, Kate, Robin, Emily, I can always count on you for an honest professional diagnosis with quick and exceptional care and service, Thank you all for your care and compassion! Stacey

Onions to the smug, young employee telling another customer, that AARP stands for Antique Adults Requiring Pills. As a card carrying AARP member, I was deeply offended. One day that fellow will walk in our shoes. His cruel remark, even though a joke, cut straight to the bone. I still feel the pain!

Orchids to Amber and her crew for the excellent service at our birthday celebration. We’ve had this tradition for years and our visit to Chili’s was the most fun.

Onions to the mom who took her small baby to the fireworks night. That baby will probably be deaf for sure. What were you thinking?

Orchids to Chuck (Charles) at Calvary Baptist for blessing me with a great beautiful cross necklace. Really sweet of him to think of me. What a blessing you are. Thank you.

Onions to parents who think their daughter is anorexic. Then they take her door off the hinges, and remove everything out of her room. They say she has to eat in order to get anything back. Anorexia is about control. It’s the only control the child feels they have in life.

Orchids to our gracious Smoketree hosts. What an amazing place you all get to live in. Love, Montana

Onions to fast-food drive though order taker. I asked for ice tea. Ended up with Hi-C. This happened two times in a row. I was furious. Most customers would be. The wife suggested to your manager that you move to another position where hearing isn’t so important. I wanted to hear him say, you’re fired!

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