Embattled president may lash out -- Ed Garvoille

January 4, 2019

By no means am I an apologist for the Trump White House. But I am cognizant of the tremendous power invested in the presidency. This includes the power to initiate catastrophic wars, as we experienced with the George W. Bush and Lyndon Johnson administrations.

With the barrage of legal threats, criticism and ridicule being heaped on President Donald Trump, is it possible we may reach a tipping point that may not be resignation or impeachment? The questionable decisions and clear falsehoods that President Trump makes can become more than a diversionary tactic or an effort to comfort the “make America great again” devotees.

I fear President Trump may make an even greater ill-advised and impulsive decision such as a nuclear attack on North Korea or elsewhere. I am also skeptical we can count on the military to not cooperate with any warmongering action by the White House. Just look at the 1964 Gulf of Tonkin fiasco that got the United States fully engaged in the Vietnam War.

Those who are on an anti-Trump crusade, pause to reflect on what your actions may produce. It may not be Trump’s impeachment or the resignation. He shouldn’t be given a pass from illegalities, and we should’t muzzle the press. But let the Mueller probe reach its conclusion and take the gratuitous vitriol out of your Trump critiques.

Ed Garvoille, Madison

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