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President Names New Cabinet

July 5, 1992

BOGOTA, Colombia (AP) _ President Cesar Gaviria named a new 14-member multiparty cabinet, the presidential press office announced Saturday.

The new cabinet consists of 10 members of Gaviria’s own Liberal Party, three members of the Conservative Party and one from the M-19 Party, a former guerrilla group that bargained for political power as part of its negotiated surrender three years ago.

The 13-member cabinet had resigned Friday at Gaviria’s request.

Colombian presidents name a new cabinet as often as each year during their four-year term. This is Gaviria’s second cabinet since he took office Aug. 7, 1990.

Conservatives in the former cabinet gave little support to Gaviria’s widespread new taxes, and the M-19 Party rejected the president’s intention to sell government-owned companies.

The cabinet changes come at a time when almost the entire country is enduring eight hours daily of blackouts because of an electricity shortage.

The country also has been confronting one of the worst spates of guerrilla violence in the last 30 years after peace talks between the government and rebel groups collapsed in May.

The new cabinet members are:

Education: Carlos Holmes Trujillo, Liberal Party.

Health: Gustavo de Roux, M-19.

Mines and Energy: Gido Nule Amin, Liberal Party.

Trade: Juan Manuel Santos, Liberal Party.

Government: Humberto de la Calle Lombana, Liberal Party.

Foreign Relations: Nohemi Sali de Rubio, Conservative Party.

Treasury: Rudolf Homes, Liberal Party.

Communications: William Jaramillo Gomez, Liberal Party.

Employment: Luis Fernando Ramirez, Conservative Party.

Development: Luis Alberto Moreno, Conservative Party.

Public Works: Jorge Bendeck Olivella, Liberal Party.

Agriculture: Alfonso Lopez Caballero, Liberal Party.

Justice: Andres Gonzales, Liberal Party.

Defense: Rafael Pardo Rueda, Liberal Party.

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