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Man Who Shot Father Given Prison Term After Violating Probation

May 9, 1985

HOUSTON (AP) _ A man placed on probation for shooting his comatose father has been ordered to serve three years in prison after being found guilty of violating his probation by drunken driving.

State District Judge Ted Poe sentenced Billy Ray Clore, 27, to prison Wednesday after telling him he had violated the state’s law and another law of ″honoring your father.″

Clore shot his father in the head March 21, 1983, with a .45-caliber automatic pistol. The elder Clore, who died April 2, 1983, was comatose and had previously suffered kidney failure and two heart seizures.

In July 1983, a jury convicted Clore of attempted murder and sentenced him to three years’ probation in the shooting of his comatose father, Robert, 62. Evidence did not prove that death resulted directly from the gunshot wound.

In May 1984, Poe revoked Clore’s probation after Clore was arrested in Euless, near Fort Worth, on a charge of drunken driving. The arrest was the basis for revoking probation, but the charge itself was not heard in court.

Clore remained free on bond while his attorney, Jack Zimmermann, filed an appeal of the probation revocation. He contended Clore was not drunk and consequently had not violated his probation.

The 1st Texas Court of Appeals upheld Poe’s ruling, saying that Clore also had violated his probation by being outside Harris County without permission from the court that sentenced him.

″Society cannot tolerate crimes that are committed against the elderly and the family,″ Poe told Clore on Wednesday. ″Now, you must pay the cost for disobeying the laws of the state of Texas and violating the sacred commandment of honor thy father.″

Zimmermann took exception to Poe’s remarks regarding Clore paying the price for not honoring his father.

″This whole action was done out of a sense of duty to his father,″ Zimmermann said. ″Had he not loved and honored his father, he would not have done this.″

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