Boy’s ‘Christmas Story’ scene makes TV

December 4, 2018

A Sandwich Middle School student is receiving national attention after recreating a scene from the 1983 classic holiday film, “A Christmas Story.”

In a segment that aired on ABC-TV’s “Good Morning America” on Tuesday, Spencer Cline, 11, of Sandwich, said he decided to see if his tongue would stick to a metal post while sledding with a friend on

Nov. 27.

“I did it, and he [Cline’s friend] thought that my tongue wasn’t actually stuck to the pole, and he couldn’t hear me because my tongue was stuck to the pole,” Cline said. “So he couldn’t understand what I was trying to say.”

Cline’s friend, Cole Leeper, 12, ran to find help or warm water. He eventually located a neighbor who called the paramedics.

Cline was able to get his tongue loose after about six minutes, but left several taste buds on the post.

According to the Cornell Center for Materials Research, the saliva on your tongue is what causes it to freeze to a cold post, and the lower the temperature of metal, the less time it takes for your tongue to stick. This is due to a process called thermal conductivity. Materials with high thermal conductivity transfer large amounts of heat from objects with a higher temperature to objects with a lower temperature.

In the case of “A Christmas Story” and Cline, the heat conducts away from the tongue into the metal, leaving saliva at a temperature cold enough to freeze.

Cline was treated and released the same day, saying he’d, “Never do it again.”

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