Legacy of Nikki Delamotte shines on: Darcy cartoon

November 14, 2018

Legacy of Nikki Delamotte shines on: Darcy cartoon

CLEVELAND, Ohio -- Nikki Delamotte’s twitter ‘header photo’ of Calvin and Hobbes gazing upon the stars, took on profound, poignant new meaning after the cherished Cleveland.com culture reporter was found tragically shot to death.

Leading off her twitter page with Calvin and Hobbes star gazing,  it’s not surprising to find that Nikki was beloved by her colleagues and those she reported on, who are all now gazing up and reflecting on the bright, glowing, warm star light of Nikki Delamotte.

Her friends, colleagues and story subjects, all shared the same impression of Nikki.  She was kind, compassionate, empathetic, gentle, humble, lover of animals and humanity, passionate champion of Cleveland arts and culture, especially the unsung among it, a talented journalist dedicated to further perfecting her skills.

News of her tragic passing Monday led to a flood of tributes by those in the Cleveland arts and cultural community who were impacted by her work and touched by their interaction with her.

“The entire Beachland family is in mourning of one of Northeast Ohio brightest shining stars.  Nikki was a tremendous asset to the NEO community and a valued friend.” tweeted Beachland Ballroom.

Nikki was too humble to ever expect such acknowledgement according to Cleveland.com entertainment reporter Troy Smith.   Smith recounted the anxiety she felt going to a book signing event for the release of her book “100 Things to Do in Cleveland Before you Die,” fearing no one would show up.  Instead the line was out the door.

“Nikki was a rock star, only she didn’t know. Or, maybe more accurate, she would never admit it.  So many people in the community knew and loved her.  Yet she was so humble and accommodating to all people,” recounted Smith.

The Cleveland.com/Plain Dealer Editorial Board wrote that “Nikki Delamotte was the new friend you’d known forever.  She was that warm, that giving, that caring -and that much fun to be around.  Her skills as a journalist...had a timeless quality that belied her age -- just 30.”

Reading the testimonials, Nikki Delamotte was also the kind of person you wished you had known if you didn’t.  It’s the kind of legacy we’d all like to leave, and she did.

Christopher Quinn, President and Editor of Advance Ohio/Cleveland.com, told the staff that Nikki Delmotte was a reporter whose unjustly truncated career left more of an impression on the people of Northeast Ohio than many others with decades in the profession.  I couldn’t agree more.  It’s the kind of impact that should be enshrined in the Cleveland Press Club Hall of Fame. 

Brenda Cain recalled working with Nikki as a judge on Cleveland.com’s “Cutest Cat” contest.   Nikki found something to love in all the submissions and struggled to narrow the field.   

“When we reminded her we needed to pare it down to just 100 [cats], should would argue that they were all cute in their own way, and made the world a better place for just being,” said Cain.

Nikki Delamotte “made the world a better place for just being.”

My condolences to her family, friends and colleagues at Cleveland.com and  Cleveland Scene who knew and worked with her.

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