Thanksgiving giveaway: Free feasts go fast

November 23, 2018

Volunteers with Cha-Bones and Only Orchids lined up along two sides of a table Thursday morning scooping yams, potatoes and serving turkey gravy, bread rolls and cranberry sauce in to-go boxes for people in need of a holiday meal this Thanksgiving.

Dustin Runyon, a founding member of the charity Only Orchids, and Cameron Moses of Cha-Bones teamed up to make the meals for community. Outside of Cha-Bones, people lined up waiting for meals for them and their family. Moses said they had given away about 1,200 boxes as of 10:30 a.m. He bought 2,000 to-go boxes for the Thanksgiving meals.

The volunteers joked and laughed as they prepared the meals, enjoying the time they spent with their friends.

“We’re all having so much fun serving,” Moses said. “We like to have a good time.”

He said after working hard all week and being tired, his team’s spirits were up once they saw how grateful the community was for their help. Moses said some people have left him notes, thanking the volunteers and explaining their situation.

“They just worked so hard,” Moses said of his employees. “You can tell they were starting to get down but then as soon as today came with how gracious everybody was wanting to meet the chef and everybody working back there you can kind of tell it changed how they feel.”

Moses said it’s his favorite day of the year because it’s a day where they’re 100 percent giving back to the community. Runyon agreed, adding that he appreciates the community’s support in donating food for the meals and spreading the word about the event.

“Sometimes it’s hard to ask for help and we want to make it to where it’s super easy to come and ask for help,” Runyon said. “We’re going to do it every year for as long as we can.”

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