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Boston to host 24-hour emergency training exercise

May 3, 2014

BOSTON (AP) — Emergency responders are staging a daylong training exercise involving a series of staged crises, from an “active shooting” event in Brookline to the rescue of elected officials held hostage at Boston City Hall.

The 24-hour training exercise on Saturday, dubbed “Urban Shield,” is meant to simulate large-scale public safety incidents.

The exercise will include about 2,000 personnel from the region including police, firefighters, EMTs and hospital staff.

The goal of the exercise is assess the ability of public safety personnel to successfully respond to, and manage, multiple public safety threats and emergencies occurring simultaneously throughout the metropolitan Boston area.

The 11 staged public safety scenarios are based on past real-life events and include an “explosive device” found in the transit system, an “injured officer” situation in Cambridge and a “parking lot collapse” in Boston.

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