Firefighter from Germany cycling across the country to fight rare childhood diseases

September 17, 2018

HARTFORD-A firefighter from Germany who has been cycling across the U.S. in an attempt to bring awareness and donations to fighting rare childhood diseases will be stopping at the Connecticut Children’s Hospital on Washington Street.

Jorg Richter will be at the hospital for a 10:30 media event this morning. He began the trip in San Francisco in April as part of the Christoph Klein’s Care for Rare Foundation for Children in Munich, Germany. He visited several children’s hospital during the trip and posted his journey on social media sites.

Dr. Juan Salazar will discuss the hospital’s innovative treatment programs some of which were developed by Doctors Gyula Acsadi, Emily Germain-Lee, Ching Lau and David Weinstein. Gil Peri, president and chief operation officer of the Children’s Hospital will also speak.

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