Krist says a little more money would have led to a lot tighter race

November 16, 2018

LINCOLN - Democrat Bob Krist says more money might have made a big difference in his challenge to the re-election of Gov. Peter Ricketts.

Krist, a state senator from Omaha, spent less than half a million dollars in his challenge to Gov. Ricketts, who ended the campaign with more cash on hand than Krist raised.

Krist is disappointed the national Democratic Party turned down his plea for money.

“I pushed back a little bit on the fact that they didn’t think that this was a valuable race to win,” Krist tells Nebraska Radio Network. “They had other priorities.”

Krist says he’s not bitter.

“The grass roots effort and the donations that we received from here in Nebraska, no PAC money, speaks loud for the effort that we put forward,” according to Krist.

The Krist campaign had collected $478,000 about a month before the November 6th elections and spent nearly all of it. The Ricketts campaign raised $2.4 million and had nearly $900,000 on hand at the beginning of October.

Ricketts, along with his running mate, Lt. Gov. Mike Foley, won re-election easily, winning slightly more than 59% of the vote; besting the Democratic ticket of Krist and his running mate, state Sen. Lynne Walz of Fremont, 407,483 votes to 280,418, according to the Secretary of State’s office.

A closer look at the numbers, though, might prove encouraging to Krist and Nebraska Democrats.

Krist won the state’s two largest counties. In Douglas County (Omaha), Krist won 52% of the vote, winning the county 104,857 to 94,330. In Lancaster County (Lincoln), Krist won 55% of the vote, winning the county 63,520 to 50,723.

Krist lost badly in rural Nebraska, though, many times getting only 20-30% of the vote. Ricketts won nearly 90% of the vote in southwestern Nebraska’s Hayes County and a whopping 91% of the vote in west-central’s Logan County.

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