JONESBORO, Ark. (AP) _ It's Viagra versus Niagara in Arkansas federal court.

Pfizer Inc., which makes Viagra, an anti-impotence prescription drug for men, sued in federal court Tuesday to stop Lari Williams from using the name Niagara for a carbonated drink she distributes that claims to put people in the mood for love.

Wednesday, a judge denied Pfizer's request for a temporary restraining order preventing the sale of the drink until a full court hearing April 19.

New York-based Pfizer contends that Niagara is being promoted as ``Viagra for women,'' and that Williams has embarked on a ``scheme to mislead and confuse customers.'' The company hopes to force Williams to change the name of the drink.

``It is no accident the name Niagara was used for this product, and it is no accident a blue bottle was used,'' Pfizer attorney Charles L. Schlumberger told the judge.

But Williams' lawyer said there was no connection between the products.

``The dissimilarities are that one is an energizing drink while Viagra is a prescription medicine,'' lawyer Marie-Bernarde Miller said.

The drink was named after the famous waterfall between the U.S. and Canada, said Mats Selin of Stockholm, Sweden, who co-owns Niagara. In Sweden, the word is pronounced ``nee-uh-GARH'-uh,'' Selin said.

Williams, who has distribution rights in most of the United States for Niagara, said she's sold hundreds of thousands of bottles, which retail for $4.50. Each bottle is labeled ``Love Herbs and Caffeine'' and claims to promote ``staying power.'' Small red rabbits circle the blue container.

``It really makes you realize that America is hungry for romance,'' Williams said. ``If I can help married people bring romance back into the bedroom then that's what I want to do.''