Letters To The Editor 7/24/2018

July 24, 2018

Paving peeve

Editor: I want to praise Scranton Department of Public Works employees during the recycling drop-off. They could not have been more helpful. They would not let you lift anything. Thanks, guys.

Now, on to the list of city streets to be paved. It all seems to be in West Side, Mayor Bill Courtright’s neighborhood. The mayor should take his free sport-utility vehicle for a ride on Sanderson Avenue from Pine Brook to Marion Street in the Green Ridge section. He would need the SUV and to hold on tight. It has been a mess for years.

There are more citizens in the city than his base of voters in West Side. Be fair, not political.




Pay fine, don’t gripe

Editor: I am so happy a visitor enjoyed her visit to our lovely area (“Tourist turned off,” July 15).

The visitor spent money supporting our community. She had a wonderful time sightseeing, had a delightful lunch and ruined her experience by not returning to her car in the time allotted on the parking meter. She had to pay $25 for a parking ticket.

Does anyone know of any city that allows tourist meters to expire, because they are for tourists, and not subject them to the penalty? Maybe the woman should have left a sign in the windshield, “Tourist, please allow parking when meter expires.”

Meter enforcement people do not lurk around corners waiting for meters to expire and pounce on them. I’m happy the visitor enjoyed most of her visit, unhappy that she left disappointed because she overstayed her lunch.

I hope she comes back. I’m sure there are many more things to see and do in this area, and next time, keep an eye on that meter.




Query for Clintons

Editor: We recently saw an interview on Fox News with Chris Wallace in which he asked Russian President Vladimir Putin about the number of dead and missing people who were perceived as political adversaries. Putin deflected on the answer.

However, it made me wonder why nobody in the U.S. media asks the same question of the Clintons, beginning with the deaths of Vince Foster and Jim McDougal and leading up to the murder of Seth Rich. I am no fan of the Clintons and it seems like a double standard to me.



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