Orchids and Onions: Wednesday, August 8, 2018

August 9, 2018

Another beautiful day in Havasu...

Onions to the onion giver thinking I should stick my nose in my tacos and ignore the cell phone hacker in the Mexican restaurant. The inconsiderate yahoo thought he was in a war zone on a walkie-talkie during a mortar attack.

Orchids to Jill and all the other staff at Jerseys. Awesome! Food was great and we look forward to coming back again when the remodel is completed. Great job, Jill!

Onions to drivers who don’t stop at stop signs. I have been nearly hit multiple times today alone because people don’t stop. It is the law even if you are the only one at the intersection. Don’t give those who obey the law dirty faces.

Onions to the staff sitting behind us at the presentation. You arrived late, brought soda into the auditorium and then proceeded to make rude remarks throughout the presentation that discussed respect. You are an embarrassment.

Onions to draining your pool down Daytona during rush hour. Also, onions to draining your pool into traffic at any hour of the day or night. Don’t be an inconsiderate jerk; give a thought for your neighbors.

Onions to our profligate City Administration. More new homes in the Foothills, on the Riviera, a new hotel “with more to come.” Headlines scream Water Shortage, Drought Crisis. Where will the water come from?

Orchids to the new trash containers. They are wonderful. Now if home owners would clean up their yards. Just get out there and pull your weeds and trim your trees.

Orchids to Marty at Michael Alan for going the extra mile to find a new spring for my recliner. Mike

Orchids to finally firing the creepy pervert. He got away with putting his filthy hands on female employees for years. It’s about time someone was brave enough to come forward and stand up to him.

Orchids to Red Robin for the clean, shiny silverware. Demand clean silverware when dining out. Cruddy examples in other LHC restaurants. Check on dish room cleanliness. WP

Orchids to Michael at Zounds Hearing Aids who helped me when my VA hearing aids needed a piece replaced. Good man. Thanks for your help.

Orchids to Viking Lighting’s exceptional customer service. I treated like a valued customer on my first visit. Product knowledge was superb. I am a forever future customer. Support local stores.

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