LETTER: Republican Party is ‘dead’

May 7, 2019

The political party formally known as the party of Lincoln, the great Republican Party, is dead. It passed away following the election of 2016. People who identified themselves as “Rs” slipped away quietly into that cold November night. Whether they knew it or not, the moment they pulled the lever or filled in the circle next to his name, they killed off their beloved party.

It was replaced by what I will call Trumpicans. People whose moral compass has been thrown aside. People who now openly vilify others who don’t look, talk or act like the white Christian majority. People who will shout down any talk or rational conversation about the blatant or covert abuses to our democracy. People who praise the Lord on Sunday, than yell “build a wall” on Monday.

Maybe the election in 2020 will resuscitate this once-great party and its followers. Maybe the silent ones who idly sit by when their leader lies to us daily finally stand up and say “no more.” Maybe when they walk into the election booth that night in 2020, they will remember that the party of Lincoln wasn’t like this. Shouldn’t be like this.

Unfortunately, as long as their “God-chosen” leader keeps feeding their hearts and minds with the Trumpican doctrine of immigrants are evil, Democrats are treasonous, the free press is the enemy of the people, and the ethnic cleansing of America needs to happen, the once-great Republican Party will remain in the grave. Nick Hartman, Merrill, Iowa