Mental health resources key to keeping schools safe

December 15, 2018

OMAHA - “Meeting mental health needs of schools is key to keeping schools safe.” That’s the message from Sharon Hoover, co-director for the Center for School Mental Health during the 9th Annual Nebraska Child Health and Education Summit Tuesday.

Hoover says in order to establish safe and supportive school communities, we really need to foster those partnerships between the community and behavioral health providers and the education system.

She says also a positive school climate is critical to keeping schools safe.

“When we have positive school climates, those are predictive of less weapon use on campus, less bullying incidents, and more positive connections between parents and teachers, teachers and students and students and students, and these are the things that are critical for keeping our school safe.”

Each year, the summit brings together children’s health advocates in Nebraska as well as leading educators and several state senators to explore potential children’s health and education policy issues.

*Tom O’Connor, UNMC public relations contributed to this story*

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