BOSTON (AP) _ A couple charged with ignoring the screams of two children killed in a house fire were convicted of assault Friday, but the jury deadlocked on manslaughter charges against the children's mother.

Prosecutors said that Jada Amicone, 27, the mother, and Michael Panagopoulos, 24, failed to heed the cries of 5-year-old Tyler Amicone and 3-year-old Brianna Keene until it was too late to save them.

Panagaopoulos, Amicone's former live-in boyfriend, was acquitted of manslaughter. Prosecutors said they have not decided if they will retry Amicone on the manslaughter charges.

Amicone and Panagaopoulos each face a maximum sentence of 10 years in prison. Had they been convicted of manslaughter, they would have faced up to 40 years.

Investigators said the two children started the fire with either matches or a lighter. While the fire spread, Amicone was sleeping off a cocaine high and Panagopoulous was playing video games, prosecutors said.

By the time the couple smelled smoke and went to the bedroom, it was too late to save the children. Tyler was found draped over Brianna in the closet.

Amicone called 911, hysterically reporting the children were trapped.

Prosecutors said the couple regularly locked the children in their room behind a door that could only be opened from the outside. Amicone's attorney said the bedroom door was not locked the night of the fire.

Prosecutors also said the smoke alarm was disconnected by the couple because steam from the shower frequently set it off.