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Two-Day Celebration of ‘New Age’ Ends

August 17, 1987

Undated (AP) _ People with faith in the power of humming and good will began dispersing Monday after gathering in spots of scenic beauty or spiritual strength to celebrate the ″harmonic convergence.″

The believers, who met in places ranging from the pyramids of Egypt to a waterfront park in Portland, Ore., meditated, hummed and danced together to launch what they said was a period of cleansing for the Earth, preparing it for contact with alien intelligence in the 21st century.

Jose Arguelles of Boulder, Colo., had written in a book, ″The Mayan Factor,″ that his study of the ancient Mayan calendar showed the Earth in the last phases of a galactic beam of light it entered in 3113 B.C.

He said at least 144,000 people had to meditate together worldwide on Aug. 16-17 to give humans a chance to enter the new, purer age.

No major incidents were reported at the gatherings.

A crowd estimated at 5,300 began leaving Haleakala National Park on the island of Maui, Hawaii, Monday morning, said park spokesman Steve Shackelton.

″Overnight we had quite a crowd and lots of ceremonial activities, ranging from individual meditation in the dark to dozens of people dancing around a fire,″ Shackelton said. ″It was sort of like a potpourri of things.″

He estimated that most were between 35 and 50 years of age, and included one man who arrived in a chauffeur-driven limousine.

Denise Williams, a clerk in the office at Texas’ Enchanted Rock State Park, said 3,100 people attended a harmonic convergence celebration at the granite formation, and almost all left shortly after noon Monday.

″It was fantastic. As far as I know there were no incidents, no injuries. Everything went real well,″ she said.

Nearly 1,000 people held hands in a huge circle as the dawn streaked heavy rain clouds with pink at Seattle’s Magnuson Park. In Mesa Verde National Park in Colorado, 102 people climbed onto the circular walls of the ruins of the Sun Temple, built by the Anasazi cliffdwellers who fled Mesa Verde in the 1200s.

″The men walked on the outer wall in a counterclockwise way; the women clockwise on the inner circle. They did that 12 times,″ said Robert Heyder, the park superintendent.

Arguelles and his family celebrated quietly at a secluded campsite in the mountains near Boulder.

″It’s everybody’s time to do what feels right and get in touch with the energies of the earth and the energies of the universe,″ Arguelles said.

″It represents the beginning of a popular movement which will be coming out in the weeks and months ahead when people of the planet are going to begin to deal with the issues that governments are unwilling or unable to deal with,″ he said.

″The whole key thing is to be more trusting,″ said Jeff Swart, one of the participants at Serpent Mound State Park in southern Ohio. ″This is kind of like the beginning of the commencement exercises for the human race.″

Adams County Sheriff Robert Johnston estimated that 3,400 people visited the mound on Sunday, an exceptional crush for the 60-acre park that has just 200 parking spaces. Some people were forced to park nearly a mile away.

The Serpent Mound was among 36 sites around the world believed to be the mystical portals through which the vibrations of the covergence would pass.

Other major gathering sites were Chaco Canyon in New Mexico; Mount Shasta in California; Niagara Falls; the Grand Canyon, and Sedona, Ariz.; Glastonbury, England; and the Pyramid of the Sun in San Juan de Teotihuacan in Mexico.

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