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Lee, Ogle, & Whiteside county property transfers for May 18, 2019

Staff WriterMay 18, 2019

Whiteside County property transfers recorded the week of May 6-10

Warranty deeds

Federal Home Loan Mortgage to Technical Enterprises LLC, 515 13th Ave., Fulton, $40,000.

Tina A. Hunter to Heather M. Becker, 525 Barden St., Morrison, $116,500.

HLB Farms LLC to Howard L. and Louise E. Bielema Trust, Randall L. Deweerdt, trustee and Darrell A. Bielema, subtrustee, five farmland parcels in Albany Township, $915,000.

Adam H. and April R. Norman to Howard M. and Linda J. Paysen, 509 N. 10th St., Fulton, $217,500.

Donald R. and Samuel J. Tyler, Debra L. Marruffo and Deanna L. Hammack to Mark D. Heusinkveld and Rex Given Jr., 4000 Regan Road, Rock Falls, $20,000.

Toby Jo and Heather D. Johnson to Norbert A.R. Jasinski, 309 Creek Lane, Prophetstown, $148,000.

Ricky J. and Jana M. House to Sand and Sea LLC, 25460 Deer Run, Sterling, $452,500.

Christopher A. and Daniel B. Sellers and Debra A. and Martin J. Wells to Debra A. and Martin Wells, 406 W. Morris St., Morrison, $0.

Allan E. Bulley Trust, Scott Gordon, trustee, and John M. Scott Trust, Allan E. Bulley Jr., trustee, to Clout Shares LLC, 113 N. Main St., Tampico, $140,000.

Zachary D. and Jorie E. Pageloff, formerly Yanes, to Larry R. Andrews, 1104 Charles St., Rock Falls, $70,000.

Donald T. Simester to Zachary D. and Jorie E. Pageloff, 205 W. 19th St., Rock Falls, $66,500.

Janet L. Cain to Eugene M. Wiegant, 13276 Blue Goose Road, Morrison, $0.

Charles T. and Linda K. Hines to Bethany A. Frank, 730 Woodlawn Drive, Prophetstown, $78,900.

Taco Makers RE 2 LLC to Realty Income Illinois Properties 1, 405 Locust St., Sterling, $1,982,016.

Kevin Kuhlemier to Devan Richard Kuhlemier and Addyson Mae Bales, 219 Ave. B, Rock Falls, $38,000.

James M. and Joyce S. McGhee to Robert E. and Donna J. Wade, 15225 Henry Road, Morrison, $318,000.

Shawn Conboy to Donald Brian and Jennifer J. Baker, 25101 Prophet Road, Rock Falls, $85,000.

Frank J. McCue Trust and Arthur J. McCue to Clara Ann Hughes and James D. Harrington, 13751 Galt Road, Sterling, $18,000.

Harry A. and Mildred P. Petersen to Jody M. and Maggie A. Young, 30809 Thome Road, Rock Falls, $240,000.

Gilbert A. Lawrenz to Craig A. and Melissa A. Zuidema, 1007 Hilltop Drive, Morrison, $130,000.

Linda L. Grant to Larry G. and Brenda Dessing, 643 E. Third St., Prophetstown, $135,400.

Peggy S. Schroeder Estate to Kelly Jo Julian Severing and Vincent A. Glowacki, 805 W. Park St., Morrison, $55,000.

James V. and Linda K. Pack to Jeffrey J. and Sarah A. Egan, 1703 38th Ave., Sterling, $270,000.

Jave Farms LLC to Mary L. and Brian K. Oostenryk Sr., one parcel of farmland in Union Grove Township, $280,720.

Nathan L. Wilkens to Debbra Little, 1308-1310 E. 15th St., Sterling, $55,000.

Lavonne S. and David F. MacGrath III to Judy L. Ponder, 602 15th Ave., Fulton, $100,000.

Sean M. Bond and Courtney Parks to Hannah S. Papoccia and Jake D. Walls, 1408 First Ave., Sterling, $89,000.

Jeffrey K. and Denora Nusbaum to Ryan J. Nusbaum, three parcels on Capp Road, Sterling, $477,000.

Jeffrrey K. and Debora Nusbaum to Cole W. Nusbaum, two parcels on Capp Road, Sterling, $478,537.

James A. and Sheila R. Gabler to Charles W. and Emily Hurst, 911 W. 13th St., Sterling, $79,900.

Quit claim deeds

Robert D. and Nancy L. Dietz to John and Amanda Atkinson, 3506 Kiner Road, Prophetstown, $0.

Trustee’s deed

Howard L. and Louise E Bielema Trust to Marlene Keisel Jackson, farmland in Newton Township, $0.

Kenneth J. Wolf Sr. Trust to James D. Harrington, farmland in Hopkins Township, $0.

Larry G. and Mary R. McCormick Trust to Julie M. and Geoffrey A. Wing, one parcel on E. 35th St., Sterling, $21,000.

Ronald G. Huizenga Trust to Louise M. Schafer and Theodore P. Luckey, 1705 Ridgewood Drive, Morrison, $229,000.


Carroll Mark and Nancy Jones to JP Morgan Mortgage, US Bank, trustee, 800 15th Ave., Fulton, $0.

NRZ REO VIB LLC to Terra L. Crowder, 506 14th Ave., Rock Falls, $12,000.

Property Pride Restorations LLC to Javier Mendez, 3208 A. St., Rock Falls, $99,000.

Dorothy M. Delohery Estate to James D. Harrington, farmland in Hopkins Township, $0.

Executor’s deed

Dorothy E. Possley Estate to Shelley A. and Joseph M. Froeliger, 713 Fifth Ave., Erie, $117,500.

Source: Whiteside County recorder’s office


Lee County property transfers recorded week of May 6-10

Warranty deeds

Mary A. and James H. Holzrichter to JLN Properties LLC, 1724 W. Fourth St., Dixon, $80,000.

Sandra Schamberger to Joyce and Richard Schamberger, one parcel in Sublette Township, Amboy, $18,000.

Brandon H. and Tiffany L. Woodward, formerly Bowers, to Janice Woodward, 1419 Eustace Drive, Dixon, $106,000.

Jeffrey A. O’Rourke to Valerie A. Spinelle, 210 N. Mason Ave., Amboy, $88,500.

John, Paul and the late Rogene Einhaus, Angela Renee Schiller, successor trustee, and the late Darlene Volkert Trust, to Earl J. Smith, 236 Flagg St., Paw Paw, $0.

Laverne Edwards and Earl J. Smith to Ricardo M. Hurtado, 236 Flagg St., Paw Paw, $10,000.

Joshua Shaw to Danny L. Spurgeon, 1914 W. Third St., Dixon, $35,000.

Debra J. Karper and Danny L. and Timothy P. Spurgeon to Zachary Deming, 1212 Beech Drive, Dixon, $115,000.

Lindsay J. and Mohammad Shaker to Kerry J. Winkler, 1582 Deer Path Lane, Franklin Grove, $330,000.

Taco Makers RE 2 LLC to Realty Income Illinois Properties 1 LLC, 1312 N. Galena Ave., Dixon, $1,498,928.

John and Maria E. Martinez to Susana Perez, block 20, lot 6, Woodhaven Lakes, Sublette, $5,000.

Dulce Martinez and Lorenzo Ramirez to Marisela Fernandez, block 20, lot 7, Woodhaven Lakes, Sublette, $4,000.

Brad and Cynthia Schulke to Zeyad Fahmi Rashid, block 17, lot 156, Woodhaven Lakes, Sublette, $10,500.

Curt and Sandra Gembicki to Candace Ortiz, block 10, lot 295, Woodhaven Lakes, Sublette, $400.

Dale Baish, also Dale W. and April Kubinski, also April D., to David W. Brower, block 24, lot 158, Woodhaven Lakes, Sublette, $35,500.

Quit claim deeds

Hilda Hernandez to Woodhaven Association, block 6, lot 130, Woodhaven Lakes, Sublette, $0.

Anthony C. Fernandez and Emely Rojas to Emely Rojas-Martinez, block 7, lot 153, Woodhaven Lakes, Sublette, $0.

Trustee’s deed

Mythily Rajan Revocable Living Trust, Mythily Rajan and Lakshmi Bakshi, co-trustees, to Michael and Traci Wyatt, 901 Melguins Grove Road, Compton, $275,000.

Doris Burkhart Revocable Living Trust, Doris E. Burkhart, trustee, to Bailey A. Johnson and Scott A. Stevens, 310 John St., Steward, $125,000.

Sipiora Living Trust, Mary R. Sipiora, trustee, to Barbara Carvantes, block 4, lot 190, Woodhaven Lakes, Sublette, $5,500.

Old Second National Bank, trustee 30-6030-00 and 30-6031-00, to Stathis Family Limited Partnership, two parcels in Willow Creek Township, $1,840,000.

Executor’s deed

The late Kenneth Ross Bovey, Tamara Lynn Brinkmeyer and Theresa Anne Bovey, co-executors, to Sauk Valley Properties LLC, 110 Patricks Court, Dixon, $95,000.

Transfer on death Instrument

Philip H. James to Amie McDermott, 2650 Herman Road, West Brooklyn, $0.

Source: Lee County recorder’s office


Ogle County property transfers recorded week of May 3-9

Warranty deeds

Kim A. Hogan to Lukas T. and Breann A. Vucsko, 6148 N. German Church Road, Marion Township, $210,000.

Lukas T. and Breann A. Vucsko to Jael Christensen and Cal Thompson, 427 Second St., Stillman Valley, $157,500.

Raymond Sepskis and Linda Jordan to Lou Ann Snead, 112 Katie’s Way, Mount Morris, $122,000.

Timothy J. and Spencer L. Hayden to Christian J. and Trisha N. Rodeghero, 1681 Squires Landing, Flagg Township, $253,500.

Youssi Custom Homes to Stephen and Katherine Martellaro, 7546 E. Hampton Close, Marion Township, $235,500.

Eileen James, as guardian of Ralph R. and Donna J. Godenius to Brian Wagner and Nicole Hale, 6565 N. Moulton Road, Scott Township, $156,000.

Joan C. Cornwall to Jacob F. and Heather M. Hatch, 302 Illinois St., Oregon, $220,000.

Michael D. and Cecelia Peterson to Andrew Cline, 440 Hickory Lane, Davis Junction, $160,000.

David L. and Lois J. Miller to Thomas F. Debnam III, Diamond St., Byron, $15,000.

Nordic Investment Corp. Inc. to Salem’s Lots LLC, 533, 610, 620, 630, and 633 Countryside Drive, and 532, 552, 612, 622, 632 and 642 Heritage Drive, Stillman Valley, $107,000.

Travis L. and Annette Hantke to Joseph R. and Karley J. Bonnell, 3625 W. Wisconsin St., Grand Detour Township, $180,000.

Steven J. and Barbara Haring to Kerry Welch and Jalon Bruder, 16100 W. Hazelview Road, Eagle Point Township, $162,000.

Quit claim deeds

William J.O. Gaston to Helen E. Gaston, 338 Rosalind Road, Rochelle.

Reyna Ortega and Angel Ramos-Hernandez to Angel Ramos-Hernandez and Ashley A. Ramos, 308 Errett Road, Flagg Township.

Inna Chebanenko to Amazing Empire Inc., 1735 N. Sauk Trail, Rockvale Township.

City of Oregon to Joan C. Cornwall, part of lot 6 of block 46 on North Third Street.

Joan C. Cornwall to Jacob F. and Heather M. Hatch, part of lot 6 of block 46 on North Third Street, Oregon.

Susanne Burke to Joseph and Donald C. Burke Jr., 8581 Grange Road, Flagg Township, and 916 N. Eighth St., 414 N. 10th St., 301-303 S. 10th St., and 313 Fifth Ave., Rochelle.

R. Wayne King to Daniel C. and Julie A. Miller, 427 N. Main St., Rochelle.

Steven V. Messer to Brandie L. Messer, 206 Morning Star Court, Stillman Valley.

Rosiemarie Rust to Mark Daws, 505 S. Garden Ave., Forreston.

Trustee’s deeds

Ronald K. Osborne and Trudy L. Drumheller, successor trustees, Gladys L. Osborne Trust, to Mitchell J. Johnson and Kelly L. Ruesch, 313 W. Center St., Mount Morris, $85,000.

Judith L. Knilans and Joy L. Kruse, co-trustees, John C. Dirksen and Shirley L. Dirksen Trust, to Richard R. Vancura, 407 N. River Road, Oregon-Nashua Township, $65,000.

Carol A. Byers, trustee, Carol A. Byers Trust, to Matthew L. and Jennifer Goley, 9114 N. Raven Crest Lane, Byron Township, $275,000.

Peter G. and Kristine Schuler, co-trustees, Peter G. Schuler Trust, to Allan Knickrehm, 8102 S. Pine St., Grand Detour Township, $81,000.

Judith L. Ciaccio to Donald C. Burke, Ronald Gatz, and Virginia Hickerson, 181 E. state Route 38, Flagg Township, $133,500.

Joseph H. Schumacher, trustee, Joseph H. Schumacher Trust, to William J. Condon, trustee, William J. Condon Trust N. 2010, farmland at 8546 N. Meridian Road, Marion Township, $1,173,500.

Joseph H. Schumacher, trustee, Joseph H. Schumacher Trust, and Amy K. Schumacher, trustee, Amy K. Schumacher Trust to William J. Condon, trustee, William J. Condon Trust N. 2010, 34.1 acres on Kishwaukee Road, Marion Township, $341,000.

Ronald Haedt, trustee, Ronald Haedt Trust, and Shirley A. Haedt, trustee, Shirley A. Haedt Trust, to Daniel D. and Suzanne Daub, 871 N. Etnyre Terrace, Oregon-Nashua Township, $271,000.

Sheriff’s deed

Ogle County sheriff and Matthew E. Meyers to Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corp., 5482 N. German Church Road, Marion Township.

Source: Ogle County recorder’s office

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