Cabell Schools tries new approach

November 19, 2018


HUNTINGTON — Cabell County Schools will have its first of two nontraditional instructional days (NTID) Monday, Nov. 19, during which students are given assignments to complete outside of school.

The second NTID will be March 25, the Monday of spring break.

NTIDs count as full instructional days toward the required 180-day school year, but students do not report to school. Instead, students are given assignments in an alternate setting outside the school, such as their homes, and given a one-week window to complete the work.

All school employees report to work on NTIDs, and teachers must remain available to instruct and assist students remotely either by phone, email or video call on that day. Teachers will not be available on other days of the breaks to assist students.

Students without access to technology or at-home support will not be penalized and may be given extra time to complete assignments.

The days were attached as part of a “compromise calendar” approved by the Cabell County Board of Education in April. The idea behind using the days is to allow for additional instruction over the break periods in exchange for a later start of the school year.

This is the first time Cabell County Schools has used the relatively new concept of non-traditional instructional days, which were approved for use by the state Department of Education a few years ago. Up to five NTIDs may be used each school year at the county’s discretion and state board’s approval.

Similar NTIDs were already in use by Greenbrier County Schools.

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