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Dog Bites Kill 2-Week-Old Baby

November 29, 1990

FORT MYERS, Fla. (AP) _ A police dog attacked and fatally wounded his handler’s 2-week-old daughter in the infant’s bassinet, authorities said Wednesday.

An autopsy showed the baby died from numerous bites to her chest and abdomen, said a medical examiner, Dr. Michael Arnall.

Kayla Reeves, daughter of Lee County sheriff’s canine specialist Scott Reeves, was placed in her bassinet Tuesday night and found dead on her bedroom floor about two hours later.

The German shepherd, a male named Tasso, was impounded pending investigation, said sheriff’s spokesman Robert Graziano.

″This is not the kind of dog that goes around attacking everything in sight,″ Graziano said. ″These dogs are trained to attack only when commanded to do so.″

Tasso, one of five certified police dogs in the department, has been paired with Reeves since 1987, Graziano said.

The dog was separated from his first master after he bit the man’s 5-year- old daughter, Graziano said.

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