JERUSALEM (AP) _ A member of the Palestinian group Hamas was sentenced to life in prison Thursday for two attacks in the West Bank _ one which left an Israeli soldier dead.

Amin Talul, 21, from the town of Dahariya, southwest of Hebron, carried out the attacks two months apart, an army statement said.

In the first incident, two Israeli soldiers were wounded in a drive-by shooting in November 1998.

In the second incident, in January 1999, one soldier died and another was wounded in a shootout at an intersection leading to the Palestinian-controlled section of Hebron. The city is divided into Israeli and Palestinian parts.

The army statement identified Talul as an activist in Hamas, an extremist Islamic group opposed to peace with Israel. The group has carried out dozens of attacks against Israelis.

The statement said Iyyad Batat, a Hamas leader, was also involved with the fatal 1999 attack. Batat was killed Dec. 13 when Israeli forces attacked a house in Beit Awa, a West Bank village near Hebron.