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Woman Gets Probation for Shooting Father to Death

September 29, 1993

PENSACOLA, Fla. (AP) _ A woman who shot her father to death has received probation from a judge who called the victim abusive, immoral, violent and cruel.

Michaelanne Hall, 40, who had been charged with second-degree murder, pleaded no contest Tuesday to manslaughter with a firearm. Sentencing guidelines recommended a prison term of seven to 12 years, but Circuit Judge Kenneth Williams chose not to follow them.

″I am not saying that because he was a bad person that he deserves this,″ Williams said.

Ms. Hall admitted killing her 69-year-old father, Arthur Mullen, during an an argument on Feb. 3. She later told her mother that Mullen had choked and threatened to kill her.

Two mental health experts testified that Mullen was a bully who flaunted his homosexual lovers in front of his wife, Nancy, and their four children.

Mrs. Mullen, 79, testified her husband, an interior designer and arts patron, squandered most of his money on gay lovers, an apartment where he entertained them, exotic vacations without his family and on purchases of cocaine.

″There had been times when the electricity and water would be cut off,″ she said. ″I never saw any of his money.″

In tears, she said a prison sentence would ruin the lives of her daughter and two young grandsons.

Assistant State Attorney David G. Smith said he was surprised Ms. Hall received no jail time.

″We can’t resolve our family problems with firearms,″ he said.

Ms. Hall’s psychiatrist, Dr. Henry Dohn, said she suffered from depression at the time of the shooting, is a recovering alcoholic and has mouth cancer. Three witnesses testified she that she had tried to commit suicide three times since she was 14.

The judge ordered Ms. Hall to continue psychiatric treatment.