BEIJING (AP) _ Authorities in Beijing executed 22 people Friday after the Supreme People's Court upheld their sentences for murder, armed robbery, kidnapping and rape, the state-run Beijing Evening News reported.

Zhang Hailong, a farmer from rural Beijing, and Feng Weibian, a farmer from central China's Shanxi province, were convicted by Beijing's No. 2 Intermediate Court of kidnapping a nine-year-old cousin of Zhang's and demanding $24,200 in ransom, the report said.

In order to carry out the kidnapping, the two men stole a minivan and murdered its driver, it said, without providing further details.

Executed at the same time as Zhang and Feng were 20 other people convicted in separate cases for crimes such as armed robbery and rape, the report said.

The report did not give the method of execution. Executions in China are usually by gun shot.