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Oprah Gives Audience Members Debit Cards

October 30, 2006

CHICAGO (AP) _ Oprah Winfrey has famously given members of her audience new cars, paid off their debts and fulfilled their wildest dreams. Now she’s given them what she calls the ``gift of giving back.″

On a show that aired Monday, Winfrey gave more than 300 audience members $1,000 debit cards sponsored by the Bank of America to donate to a charitable cause.

Winfrey called the show her ``favorite giveaway ever.″

``I can honestly say that every gift I’ve ever given has brought at least as much happiness to me as it has to the person I’ve given it to,″ the 52-year-old talk-show host said. ``That’s the feeling I want to pass on to you.″

People can give the entire sum to one person _ relatives aren’t eligible _ or they can split it among charitable causes. Audience members also received a DVD recorder to tape their stories for a future show.

``You’re going to open your hearts, you’re going to be really creative, and you’re going to spend it all at once on one stranger or spend a dollar on every person,″ Winfrey said. ``Imagine the love and kindness you can spread with $1,000.″


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