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Two Miami Teens Die In Bomb Blast

April 6, 1987

MIAMI (AP) _ Two teen-agers who detonated a military land mine in a bedroom were killed, and at least four other people were injured in the blast that lifted the roof from the duplex where it exploded, police said.

Martin Samson, 14, died in the bedroom Sunday. David Guerrero, 16, died an hour later at Jackson Memorial Hospital.

″We have evidence in the room that they were probably playing with it and possibly accidently detonated it with an electric cord,″ said Homicide Detective Jorge Morin.

About a dozen other people were in the duplex but none was seriously injured, said police spokeswoman Cori Zywotow. At least four people were treated for minor injuries, said Fire Department spokesman Lt. Gary Dagnan.

The object the boys detonated contained 1 1/4 pounds of C-4 plastic explosives, designed to kill everything within 150 yards.

Officials say they don’t know where the boys, who had been active in the Junior Reserve Officer Training Corps in high school, obtained the explosive.

Samson apparently brought the land mine to Guerrero’s home Friday. Guerrero’s mother, Clara, 43, saw it on his dresser in a green canvas military type case.

″She put it behind the dresser because it didn’t match the decor,″ Morin said. ″She didn’t know it’s a land mine. She thought it was something from the ROTC program.″

Col. Luis C. Barcena, senior army instructor of the JROTC at Miami Jackson High school, said, ″We don’t have anything like that.″

″They had to steal it from someplace ... because we don’t have any type of ammunition,″ Barcena said.

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