WVC FIELD HOCKEY ROUNDUP: Mytych Scores 4 In Blue Knights Win Over Honesdale

September 14, 2018

At Wyoming Seminary, senior Aubrey Mytych scored four goals and led the high-powered Blue Knights to a 5-0 win Thursday against Honesdale in WVC field hockey.

Hannah Maxwell also scored for Sem. Kelsey Reznick had two assists.

FIRST HALF: Aubrey Mytych (Sem) from Kelsey Reznick, 8:30; Mytych (Sem) from Reznick, 13:59; Hannah Maxwell (Sem) from Alex Wesneski, 14:48; Mytych (Sem) unassisted, 21:00. SECOND HALF: Mytych (Sem) from Bari Lefkowitz.

Shots: Sem 20, Hon 2. Corners: Sem 15, Hon 4. Saves: Sem (Mia Magnotta) 1, Hon (Nicole Miszler) 9.

Lackawanna Trail 6, Berwick 0

At Lackawanna Trail, Alyssa Fowler scored three goals, Belle Coleman added two more, and Morgan Faist also scored in the Lions’ rout of Berwick.

Lilly Rejrat made four saves and earned a shutout for Trail in a battle between two teams expected to compete for the WVC Division 2 title.

Berwick’s Jacqueline Nevel made 20 saves.

FIRST HALF: Alyssa Fowler (LT) from Sam Baltrusaitis, 22:51; Morgan Faist (LT) unassisted, 13:28; Belle Coleman (LT) from Jordan Spencer, 4:28. SECOND HALF: Fowler (LT) from Rachael Beemer, 26:01; Fowler (LT) from Liz Litwin, 15:13; Coleman (LT) from Maggie Martin, 0:07.

Shots: LT 27, Ber 5. Corners: LT 11, Ber 2. Saves: LT (Lilly Rejrat) 4, Ber (Jacqueline Nevel) 20.

Valley West 12, Pittston Area 0

At Valley West, Cameryn Forgash scored four first-half goals — and so did Elizabeth Luff — as the Spartans cruised to a win.

Avary Heckman, Alexis Dubois and Rory Evans each had a goal and an assist. Chloe Kelly scored a goal, too.

FIRST HALF: Cameryn Forgash (VW) from Rina Tsioles, 28:31; Elizabeth Luff (VW) from Avary Heckman, 26:43; Luff (VW) from Forgash, 25:24; Luff (VW) from Forgash, 24:54; Luff (VW) from Forgash; Forgash (VW) unassisted, 11:06; Forgash (VW) from Emily Latoski, 7:15; Forgash (VW) from Latoski, 4:30. SECOND HALF: Chloe Kelly (VW) from Jenna Rovine, 29:40; Heckman (VW) unassisted, 22:02; Alexis Dubois (VW) from Rory Evans; Evans (VW) from Dubois.

Shots: VW 16, PA 2. Corners: VW 8, PA 2. Saves: VW 3, PA 11.

Crestwood 6, Hazleton Area 2

At Crestwood, teammates Sarah Richards and Chloe Greene each had two goals and two assists in the Comets’ win.

Alex Lipinski and Mackenzie Kile also scored for Crestwood, while Jill Buchman scored both Hazleton Area goals.

FIRST HALF: Sarah Richards (Cre) unassisted, 26:20; Chloe Greene (Cre) from Richards, 18:27; Alex Lipinski (Cre) from Greene, 14:38; Greene (Cre) from Richards, 13:44; Mackenzie Kile (Cre) unassisted, 10:35. SECOND HALF: Jill Buchman (Haz) unassisted, 29:00; Richards (Cre) from Greene, 17:12; Buchman (Haz) from Gabrielle Cavenas, 14:51.

Shots: Cre 25, Haz 7. Corners: Cre 9, Haz 2. Saves: Cre (Olivia Novrocki) 5, Haz (Jenna Corra) 17.

Lake-Lehman 5,

Wallenpaupack 0

At Wallenpaupack, Ava Radel (two goals, assist), Alana Antonello (two goals), Kate Roberts (goal, assist) and Hunter Kline (two assist) led a balanced attack on offense in a Lake-Lehman victory.

FIRST HALF: Ava Radel (L-L) from Hunter Kline, 19:42; Kate Roberts (L-L) from Radel, 7:42; Alana Antonello (L-L) from Roberts, 3:23. SECOND HALF: Radel (L-L) from Kline, 19:41; Antonello (L-L) unassisted, 2:33.

Shots: L-L 26, Wal 11. Corners: L-L 17, Wal 5. Saves: L-L (Amy Supey) 11, Wal (Madison Kier) 18.

Tunkhannock 2, GAR 1

At Tunkhannock, Ashley Griffin and Erica O’Hara each scored goals in a win for the Tigers.

Tunkhannock goalkeeper Jonica Snay made four saves and her GAR counterpart, Reilly Holden, had three saves. Erin Leonard scored for GAR.

FIRST HALF: Erin Leonard (GAR) unassisted, 11:58; Ashley Griffin (Tunk) unassisted, 3:44. SECOND HALF: Erica O’Hara (Tunk) from Loghan Hirkey, 15:32.

Shots: Tunk 9, GAR 5. Corners: Tunk 9, GAR 6. Saves: Tunk (Jonica Snay) 4, GAR (Reilly Holden) 3.

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