Brad Little, 12 other governors-elect join Trump at White House meeting

December 18, 2018

Idaho Gov.-elect Brad Little was among 13 governors-elect who accepted an invitation from President Trump for a White House meeting, which took place Thursday.

“It was an honor,” Little said. “Our discussions focused on issues facing the states, including priorities such as workforce development, infrastructure, supporting veterans and military families, and combating opioid abuse. I believe our conversations concerning regulatory reform and transferring more authority back to the states were especially productive.”

Those attending included the newly elected governors of South Dakota, Ohio, Oklahoma, Tennessee, Alaska, Georgia, Florida, all Republicans; and the Democratic governors-elect of Michigan, Wisconsin, Illinois, the U.S. Virgin Islands and Guam.

“All of them had great victories,” Trump declared as the meeting opened. “Most of them have become stars, if not all. Because you won.” To laughter, he said, “Winning is a wonderful thing.”

Trump asked the assembled governors-elect, who also were joined by several Trump aides and cabinet secretaries, to go around the table and introduce themselves. Alex Azar, the secretary of Health and Human Services, told the governors-elect, “As you get to know your budgets, we’ll realize we’ll spend a lot of time together. … We pride ourselves on being a great partner to governors and states and flexibility. So please, open door, everybody.”

Little and his wife, Teresa, traveled to Washington, D.C., on Thursday for the meeting and returned on Friday. Ysabel Bilbao, spokeswoman for Little’s campaign, said the campaign paid for the trip.

“Teresa and I enjoyed our time with the first family and we were proud to share all the great successes that are taking place in Idaho,” Little said.

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