HS FANTASY FOOTBALL: Week 1 Results, Week 2 Lineups

August 30, 2018

Week 1’s Top Performers

Williamsport RB Trey Potts (Bennett): 45

Hazleton Area RB Damon Horton (Bennett): 41

Williamsport QB Joe Fagnano (Shultz): 30

Nanticoke Area RB Joe Ammons (Shultz): 26

Dallas WR Luke DelGaudio (Shultz) and Williamsport WR Marcus Simmons (Bufano): 25


Week 1 Scores

Bennett 105, Bufano 94


QB: Jake Shusta (VW): 2

RB: Trey Potts (WIL): 45

RB: Damon Horton (HAZ): 41

WR: David Smith (HAZ): 3

WR: Najese Hood (MEY): 1

Flex: Jervone Young (COU): 1

Def: Berwick: 7

K: Will Barrientos (HAZ): 5


QB: Dom DeLuca (WA): 17

RB: Sammy Solomon (WA): 0

RB: Pat Rother (CRE): 22

WR: Marcus Simmons (WIL): 25

WR: Teagan Wilk (BER): 19

Flex: Andrew Krawczyk (PA): 4

Def: Wyoming Area: 5

K: F.J. Braccini (WA): 2


Shultz 142, Maluso 55


QB: Joe Fagnano (WIL): 30

RB: Owen Shoemaker (BER): 19

RB: Garrett Hopkins (TUN): 20

WR: Connor Hazlet (NW): 13

WR: Luke DelGaudio (DAL): 25

Flex: Joe Ammons (NA): 26

Def: Meyers: 6

K: Ricky Klepadlo (NA): 3


QB: Sparky Wolk (HAZ): 15

RB: Matt Kurtz (LL): 1

RB: Kevin Dessoye (MEY): 14

WR: Darren Boseman (NA): 10

WR: Brian Williams (WA): 2

Flex: Danny Meuser (DAL): 1

Def: Dallas: 10

K: Jack Wessler (NW): 2


Analysis: The high-octane Williamsport offense benefitted Bennett, Bufano and Shultz who grabbed Millionaires in the first round. Shultz was able to supplement QB Joe Fagnano’s big night with big days from Joe Ammons, Luke DelGaudio and just about everyone else on his roster. 

The 41 points Bennett got from Damon Horton paired with Trey Potts’ 45 to get him a win.

Everybody but Shultz hit the waiver wire for Week 2. Maluso picked up Valley West’s Carson Canavan after his big opening game. Bufano added Lenny Kelley after an unfortunate injury to Sammy Soloman. Bennett made a QB change adding Dallas’ Michael Starbuck.


Week 2 Matchups

Bennett (1-0) vs. Shultz (1-0)


QB: Michael Starbuck (DAL)

RB: Trey Potts (WIL)

RB: Damon Horton (HAZ)

WR: David Smith (HAZ)

WR: Najese Hood (MEY)

Flex: Jervone Young (COU)

Def: Berwick

K: Will Barrientos (HAZ)


QB: Joe Fagnano (WIL)

RB: Owen Shoemaker (BER)

RB: Garrett Hopkins (TUN)

WR: Connor Hazlet (NW)

WR: Luke DelGaudio (DAL)

Flex: Joe Ammons (NA)

Def: Meyers

K: Ricky Klepadlo (NA)


Bufano (0-1) vs. Maluso (0-1)


QB: Dom DeLuca (WA

RB: Lenny Kelley (DAL)

RB: Pat Rother (CRE)

WR: Marcus Simmons (WIL)

WR: Teagan Wilk (BER)

Flex: Andrew Krawczyk (PA)

Def: Wyoming Area

K: F.J. Braccini (WA)


QB: Sparky Wolk (HAZ)

RB: Matt Kurtz (LL)

RB: Kevin Dessoye (MEY)

WR: Darren Boseman (NA)

WR: Brian Williams (WA)

Flex: Carson Canavan (VW)

Def: Dallas

K: Jack Wessler (NW)

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