Americans Need To Wake Up Soon

September 30, 2018

Editor: There is an expression that says “if you snooze, you lose.” I am afraid this is happening to our country. It seems people have forgotten what it took to make America what it is today. I know people will say it’s all politics. I disagree. It is something more powerful and dangerous than politics. It seems that no one has time to listen to anyone or anything if they do not agree with the person speaking. Many of these same people do not believe in free speech. When you lose the right to speak, what is next? Is it burning down your town? Is it breaking every law on the books? If we do not attend to this problem sooner rather than later, it will not matter. The next thing you will lose will be your liberty and that, in my opinion, is the end. When you have the departments of the federal government that are supposed to be protecting your rights and you no longer have confidence that they are doing that, wake up. Time is running out. Nothing in this world is free. Sooner or later it must be paid for by your or someone else. Either way it will not be pleasant for anyone. Wake up America. Donald B. Hargraves Sr. Shickshinny

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